Moses Atwater (1780-1836) and Amy Wilson (1775-1852) settled on this tract of land west of Meadow Branch.  The front of the stone cottage is  the cabin from the early 1800’s with hand hewed beams and the creaky floors of an old homestead cabin.

Warren and Mary Barrett had a dream of owning a farm for their combined family.  While living on McCauley Street in Chapel Hill the family created a collage of what kind of property they imagined.  That same year, in 1955, they moved and created Storybook Farm.  A preschool and summer camp was launched and thrived from the early 60’s-80’s.

Bryan and Lisa Lowrance bought Storybook Farm from Warren and Mary Barrett’s sons in January of 2020 and have many plans for the future!

An Interview with Warren Barrett, the founder of Storybook Farm

Storybook Farm is home to the world’s longest running Progressive Rock Festival!

Storybook Farm is home to Storybook Stone

Greener Visions Nursery